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OK computer? ACC claim process relies on bad data, breaches rights – lawyer

Wednesday, July 18 2018 - Simon Maude, New Zealand Doctor
ACC’s planned new automated process to speed up simple claims has a Dunedin barrister up in arms, alleging the agency will breach clients’ human rights. ACC will later this year introduce a statistical model to determine the probability a claim will be accepted.

Christchurch nurse declined ACC compensation over earthquake trauma

Monday, July 16 2018 - Cate Broughton, Stuff
ACC paid $3.7 billion to help injured Kiwis last year, while turning down at least 100,000 for cover. In part one of a three-part series, CATE BROUGHTON examines what happens when claims are declined.

Fairway hits back - says independent from ACC

Friday, July 13 2018 - Mike Houlahan, Otago Daily Times
Dispute resolution providers FairWay have hit back at allegations by lawyers that the ACC review system lacks independence.

Lawyer queries legality of ACC's relationship with firm

Tuesday, July 10 2018 - Mike Houlahan, Otago Daily Times
The Accident Compensation Corporation's relationship with the firm it has contracted to review ACC decisions is ethically wrong and may turn out to be legally wrong as well, a leading ACC lawyer says.

Independence of ACC process queried

Saturday, July 7 2018 - Mike Houlahan, Otago Daily Times
A leading Dunedin ACC lawyer says he cannot recommend clients take disputed claims to a tribunal to be resolved because of concerns about the independence of the process.

Ex reviewer of ACC claims fired for using 'inconsistent fonts'

Friday, July 6 2018 - Cate Broughton, Stuff
A man employed to review ACC cases believes he was fired because too many decisions went against ACC. The man, who did not want to be named, worked for Fairway Resolution Limited as a contract reviewer for a 10-month period in 2016 and 2017 before being fired.

Lawyer questions legality of thousands of ACC disputes

Friday, July 6 2018 - Radio NZ
A lawyer representing ACC claimants says the corporation has been acting illegally by contracting out its dispute resolution services to a private company.

ACC's external dispute review service not legal - lawyer

Friday, July 6 2018 - Jane Patterson, Radio NZ
A lawyer representing ACC claimants says the corporation has been acting illegally by contracting out its dispute resolution services to a private company. Dunedin barrister Warren Forster says this calls into question thousands of cases where people have lost a dispute over their claim. The Accident Compensation Corporation contracts the private company Fairway to resolve disputed claims but Mr Forster says they don't have the legal authority to do so.

Thousands of ACC 'independent' reviews invalid, lawyers say

Thursday, July 5 2018 - Cate Broughton, Stuff
Lawyers are questioning the independence and legal authority of privately contracted ACC reviewers, raising an issue potentially affecting thousands of current and former review decisions.

Push to change 'unfair' ACC compensation law around loss of potential earnings

Saturday, June 23 2018 - Brittany Keogh, NZ Herald
The Government is being urged to honour a pre-election promise to change an "unfair" law which sees some working people injured in accidents getting less than minimum wage while receiving follow-up medical care. Currently, ACC pays people who are hurt in accidents while they are employed 80 per cent of their previous year's income while they're off work for treatment and rehabilitation. But those who are injured while they aren't working - including people injured as children - are only entitled to "loss of potential income" payments of 80 per cent of minimum wage if they need follow-up treatment, even after they start working.
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